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Theodo' slunk out.

She took him to the door leading to the rear room. "Lock this door behind you and put the key in your pocket." She pointed to an open window in the corner of the room facing the rear. "There's your way out. The ironing-board is on the floor under the window. Stretch it across catty-cornered to the sash of the bathroom window. I pulled down the top sash ready for you. As you go, turn and close this window behind you. When you get in the bath-room pull the board after you. Don't touch that window. It squeaks. Wait in the bath-room with the door open. If you hear anybody coming that way slip down the back stairs and into the cellar. While you're in the bathroom watch this window. When they're through with this room I'll raise the window and leave it up. That's your signal to come back.".
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"I had only to raise my voice to bring a dozen to my aid ... Besides, Mr. Riever lent me a revolver."?
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"I can't, Dad. The poor little thing is telling me her troubles.".
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"I'll wait outside," he said surlily..

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"By instinct," she said simply.
As in a dream she heard her father saying: "Mr. Donald Counsell ... my daughter. Her name is Pendleton Broome the same as my own. It is a family custom."
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Same ! Who ever likes comics give me a reply
21 August, 2019 - 13:08
The best!